ShopHub is a platform made for you to display and sell your products to the entire world

Whether you’re an artist, designer, product builder, a “rebuilding broken stuff” hobbyist or e-book writer, ShopHub allows you to easily display and sell your creations worldwide. With very few clicks, you’ll be able to sell products directly from your own branded shop, handling the transaction from start to finish - from any device.

A single product is enough to get started

ShopHub doesn’t require a huge product catalogue, a single product is enough to get started. You are even able to embed a product on your own website, and let ShopHub help you sell it.

This is a place for you to sell what you create!

ShopHub will embrace creative minds and spirits in all forms. Unlike other services ShopHub will target individuals who sell physical as well as digital products.

Imagine you being able to sell your homemade chew toy directly from your couch, to a dog on the other side of the world. Now, that’s awesome!

The intuitive interface makes it super simple to add images and other media for the product listing. And if you are tech savvy the extensive API will make your wildest dreams come true.

We don’t get paid until you get paid

There is no cost to setting up your shop on ShopHub, and if you don’t make a sale, we will not charge you anything. ShopHub provides full unlimited access to all features. You only pay a minor transaction fee when you make a sale and thus make a profit using the service.

Be a part of something bigger

When you list a product on ShopHub you’ll have the option to include it in the open marketplace. The open marketplace is an easily searchable space where all products from all shops are listed and traded. This ensures that your product gets the exposure it deserves.

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